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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. D.M. Vavriv and V.B. Ryabov: A prerequisite to the destruction of quasiperiodic oscillations in the weakly nonlinear Duffing oscillator., Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol. 11, #36, pp.2148-2155 (1991) (in Russian)

2. D.M. Vavriv, Yu.A. Tsarin and I.Yu. Chernyshov: Forced oscillations in coupled passive oscillators., Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol. 36, #10, pp.2015-2023 (1991) (in Russian)

3. D.M. Vavriv, V.B. Ryabov and I.Yu. Chernyshov: Chaotic dynamics of parametric forced oscillators., Zh. Tekh. F iz., Vol. 61, #12, pp.1-11 (1991) (in Russian)

4. V.B. Ryabov and D.M. Vavriv: Multistable states in a weakly nonlinear oscillator., Pisma v Zh. Tech. Fiz., Vol. 17, #11, pp.55-59 (1991) (in Russian)

5. A.B. Belogortsev, D.M. Vavriv and O.A. Tretyakov: Arising of turbulent motion under the non-resonant modes interaction., Zh. Tech. Fiz., Vol. 51, #4, pp.15-24 (1991) (in Russian)

6. S.A. Bulgakov and D.M. Vavriv: The interaction of low and high frequency oscillations in resonant distributed systems., Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol. 36, #3, pp.520-527 (1991) (in Russian)

7. S.A. Bulgakov, V.B. Ryabov, V.I. Shnyrkov and D.M. Vavriv: Effect of the magnetic-flux variations on SQUID stability. , J. Low Temp. Phys., Vol. 83, #5/6, pp.241-255 (1991)

8. V.D. Naumenko and R.P. Fediy: Feedback utilization for frequency stabilization of mm-wave magnetron generators., Elektronnaja tehnika. Ser. 1. Elektronika SVCh, Vol. 5, pp.439 (1991) (in Russian)

9. D.M. Vavriv and I.Yu. Chernyshov: Chaotic dynamics of the non-autonomous generator with coupled circuits., Izv. Vuzov - Radiofizika, Vol. 34, #1, pp.138-144 (1991) (in Russian)

10. V.B. Ryabov and D.M. Vavriv: Conditions of quasiperiodic oscillations destruction in the weakly nonlinear Duffing oscillator. , Phys. Lett. A, Vol. 153, pp.431-436 (1991)

Presentations on International Meetings

11. D.M. Vavriv: Noise characteristics of the Smith-Purcell Amplifiers., Proc. of the 11-th Int. Conf. on Noise in Physical Systems and 1/f Fluctuations, Japan, Kyoto, pp.377-380 (1991)

12. D.M. Vavriv: Chaotic instability of microwave circuits., Proc. of the 4-th Int. Seminar on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory, Ukraine, Alushta, (invited lecture), pp.215-226 (1991)

13. D.M. Vavriv and Yu.A. Romantsov: Current status and further progress in the Smith-Purcell amplifiers research., Proc. of the 21-st European Microwave Conf., Germany, Stuttgart, pp.245-250 (1991)