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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. A.S. Kupriianov, V.R. Tuz, V.I. Shcherbinin, A. Trubin and V.I. Fesenko: All-dielectric Vogel metasurface antennas with bidirectional radiation pattern, Journal of Optics, Vol. 22, #3, pp.1-8 (2020)

2. V.I. Shcherbinin, V.I. Fesenko, T.I. Tkachova and V.R. Tuz: Superscattering from subwavelength corrugated cylinders, Phys. Rev. Applied, Vol. 13, pp.1-12 (2020)

3. V.A. Buts, V.V. Kuzmin and A.P. Tolstoluzhsky: New Cyclotron Resonances,, pp.1-12 (2020)

4. V.R. Tuz and V.I. Fesenko: Magnetically induced topological transitions of hyperbolic dispersion in biaxial gyrotropic media, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 128, #1, pp.013107 (2020)

5. V.A. Buts, V.V. Kuzmin and A.P. Tolstoluzhsky: Acceleration of Particles by Intensive Electromagnetic Fields in aa Vacuum with External Magnetic Field, Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, #3-127, pp.73-77 (2020)

6. V.M. Kontorovich: Why do the microstructures of the main pulse and the interpulse of the pulsar in the Crab nebula differ so dramatically?, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 202, #3, pp.390-398 (2020)

7. V.M. Kontorovich: On the phase transition of He II to He I in the presence of macroscopic motion, Low Temperature Physics, Vol. 46, #5, pp.578-583 (2020) (in Russian)

8. V.V. Vasiliev, L.A. Godunok, V.A. Volkov, S.V. Melnichuk, S.V. Derkach and A.V. Somov: On Design of Adaptive System of Mutual Measurements for Autonomous Rendezvous of Space Vehicles with Non-Cooperative Targets, Space Science and Technology, Vol. 26, #3, pp.42-52 (2020) (in Russian)

9. A. Trubin, A.S. Kupriianov, V.I. Fesenko and V.R. Tuz: Coupling coefficients for dielectric cuboids located in free space, Applied Optics, Vol. 59, #23, pp.1-7 (2020)

10. O.O. Bondar: Predictive Neural Network in Multipurpose Self-Tuning Controller, Acta Mechanica et Automatica, Vol. 14, #2, pp.114-120 (2020)

Presentations on International Meetings

11. V.A. Volkov, D.M. Vavriv, V.V. Vinogradov, E.V. Bulakh, A.A. Kravtsov and V. Ksenofontov: A High Power Compact X-Band RF Front-End for Weather Radar Applications, in Proc. of 2020 IEEE International Radar Conference, April 28 - 30, 2020, Washington, USA, pp.778-781 (2020)