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All-dielectric Vogel metasurface antennas with bidirectional radiation pattern
Journal of Optics, Vol. 22, #3, pp.1-8 (2020)

A.S. Kupriianov, V.R. Tuz, V.I. Shcherbinin, A. Trubin and V.I. Fesenko

All-dielectric metamirrors make it possible to improve effciency and directivity of nanoantenna systems. We demonstrate that metasurface antennas formed by single-layer and bi-layer aperiodic Vogel metamirrors with a local excitation provide enhanced beam focusing with the simultaneous control of the radiation wavefronts in both forward and backward out-of-plane directions. Subwavelength high-refractive-index dielectric cylindrical resonators are used as building blocks of such antenna systems. For these systems the bidirectional radiation pattern formation and beam steering are theoretically predicted, numerically simulated, and experimentally verified.