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Features of the Spectra of Nonlinear Oscillators in Regimes with Dynamic Chaos
Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Plasma Physics, #6-118, pp.176-179 (2018)

V.A. Buts, V.V. Kuzmin and A.P. Tolstoluzhsky

It is shown that the dynamics of particles in the field of a wave packet, whose group velocity is zero, is almost always chaotic. Earlier we showed that in the field of a large number of cyclotron resonances, the higher moments of particle dynamics can be much larger than the lower moments. A kinetic description of such dynamics can be realized only on the basis of the generalized Fokker-Planck equation. Such an equation is obtained. Some features that appear as a result of taking into account the higher moments are described. PACS: 05.10.Gg; 05.45.-a