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A Qualitative Approach to Explaining the Mechanism of Ion Acceleration by an Electron Beam in Plasma
Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Plasma Physics, #6-118, pp.141-142 (2018) (in Russian)

S.A. Cherenshchykov

Acceleration of ions in a vacuum discharge, accompanied by electron beam,is known. Recently this effect is probably observed in connection with investigation of a high current non-sputtering magnetron discharge. In the present note a qualitative approachin the framework of a one-dimensional model of this phenomenon is consideredwithout taking into account collisions. A high-current electron beam, when injected into the plasma, generates power oscillations. With the loss of energy for the excitation of oscillations and in the process of increasing the current of the electron beam, a virtual cathode appears. The ions are captured by the virtual cathode and accelerated in the direction of the electron collector.