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A Chirplet Transform-Based Algorithm for Detecting Accelerated Radar Targets
Proceedings of the 15th European Radar Conference, Madrid, Spain, September 26-28, pp.80-82 (2018)

V.G. Galushko and D.M. Vavriv

A chirplet transform-based algorithm is analyzed as a mean for detecting radar targets moving with a constant acceleration. The ambiguity function of the chirp signal associated with radar return from such targets is presented in an analytical form. The improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio provided by the suggested algorithm over the standard Fourier transform is evaluated for the case of chirp signals detectable against a ?white? noise background. A flowchart for implementation of the suggested algorithm based on the multichannel weighted Fourier transform is presented. Keywords ? radars, signal detection, vehicles, acceleration, chirp modulation, signal to noise ratio.