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Use of Ultrasound for Eliciting a Targeted Immune Response
Biophysics, Vol. 63, #3, pp.462-467 (2018) (in Russian)

V.A. Buts and K.P. Skibenko

A simple method for eliciting a targeted immune response is proposed. It is shown that under the impact of low- and moderate-intensity ultrasound, it is possible to disrupt antigens from the cell surface (surface antigens). It is found that the immunogenicity of these surface antigens is not less than the immunogenicity of intact cells. These results imply that there is an opportunity to elicit a specific, highly targeted immune response against tissues and cells from the surface of which surface antigens were captured, in particular, to elicit a targeted immune response against malignant tumors. Keywords: ultrasound, erythrocytes, surface antigens, agglutination, immunogenicity