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On the Mystery of the Interpulse Shift in the Crab Pulsar
Journal of Physical Science and Application, Vol. 7, #4, pp.11-28 (2017)

V.M. Kontorovich and S.V. Trofymenko

A new mechanism of radiation emission in the polar gap of a pulsar is proposed. It is the curvature radiation emitted by positrons moving towards the surface of the neutron star along inclined magnetic field and reflected from the surface. Such radiation interferes with transition radiation emitted from the neutron star when positrons hit the surface. Proposed mechanism explains the mystery of the interpulse shift in the Crab pulsar at high frequencies discovered by Moffett and Hankins twenty years ago. We have found also reflected energy flux and spectrum, discussed coherence and disappearance of interpulse shift with increase of frequency. Key words: Neutron stars, pulsar PSR B0531+21, non-thermal radiation mechanisms, shift of interpulse, coherent emission, radiation energy spectrum.