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Coexistence of bulk and surface polaritons in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice influenced by a transverse magnetic field.
Journal of Applied Physics, #121, pp.103102 (2017)

V.R. Tuz, V.I. Fesenko, I.V. Fedorin, H.-B. Sun and W. Han

It is demonstrated that the effect of coexistence of bulk and surface polaritons within the same frequency band and the wavevector space can be achieved in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice, providing a conscious choice of characteristic resonant frequencies and material fractions of the structure?s underlying components as well as geometry of the external static magnetic field. The study is based on the effective medium theory, which is involved to calculate dispersion characteristics of the long-wavelength electromagnetic modes of ordinary and extraordinary bulk polaritons, and hybrid surface polaritons with dominant longitudinal component of either magnetic (HE) or electric (EH) field derived via averaged expressions with respect to the effective constitutive parameters of the superlattice.