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Analysis of the CA CFAR Algorithm as Applied to Detection of Stationary Gaussian Signals Against a Normal Noise Background
9-th International Kharkiv Symposium on Physics and Engineering of Microwaves, Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves (MSMW'2016), Kharkiv (Ukraine), pp. 1-4, (2016), pp.1-4 (2016)

V.G. Galushko

The problem of radar signal detection against unknown or time variable noise background is discussed. Performance characteristics of the cell-averaging constant false alarm rate (CA CFAR) algorithm are considered as applied to detection of a stationary Gaussian signal against a normal noise background. Specifically, the detection probability is analyzed in dependence on the number of the reference cells and signal-tonoise ratio. Recommendations are presented as for selecting the optimum number of the reference and guard cells.