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Epsilon Near Zero Loaded Magnetrons, Design and Realization
Proceedings of the 45th European Microwave Conference (EuMC-2015), 7-10 Sept 2015, Paris, France, pp.454-457 (2015)

N. NasrEsfahani, K. Schuenemann, N.I. Avtomonov and D.M. Vavriv

In this paper, it is shown that employing the unit cell of an ENZ (epsilon near zero) medium in the slow wave structure of a spatial harmonic magnetron (SHM) can moderate the conflict between the simultaneous realization of large values of the quality factor and of the characteristic admittance which is a well-known issue in classical and spatial harmonic magnetrons. As the numerical simulations of the beam-wave interaction shows, simultaneous increase of the characteristic admittance and the quality factor makes the metamaterial loaded SHM superior to its conventional counterpart. The preliminary measurement results of the fabricated metamaterial loaded SHM are also presented in this paper.