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Adaptive moving target indication in a windblown clutter environment
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol. 50, #4, pp.2989-2997 (2014)

Y. Goncharenko, G. Farquharson, V. Gorobets, V. Gutnik and Yu.A. Tsarin

The statistical properties of windblown grass and forest clutter, obtained using high-resolution microwave Doppler radar, are analyzed and shown to be nonstationary. In particular, we show that the bandwidth of the Doppler signal depends linearly on the total power of the signal for both types of vegetation. Also, variations in the mean power and spectrum bandwidth of the clutter are similar to the analysis time of existing radars. The model of an adaptive moving target indication (MTI) notch filter is presented and evaluated. It is shown that adaptive filtering significantly improves the efficiency of an MTI system.