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Increasing a Circular Antenna Array Directivity
Radiophysics and Electronics (IRE NANU), Vol. 5, #3, pp.9-19 (2014) (in Russian)

M.V. Balaban and A.V. Somov

Recently, circular antenna arrays consisting of one or more rings of similar sources attract more attention. This is due to the possibility of using such arrays for producing powerful transmitters. This paper presents the study of radiation properties of a circular antenna array with linear polarization based on one or several rings of similar sources. As a single source we consider simple or complex Huygens elements. We present the results which show the influence of the antenna radius, number of elements and single elements directivity on the radiation pattern of the system. The possibility to increase the directivity of the system while increasing the number of circles in the array is shown. Finally, we present an example of modeling of radar system based on four-circular antenna array with high directivity and low level of sidelobes.