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Clinotron Based Terahertz Imaging System
In: THz and Security Applications. Detectors, Sources and Associated Electronics for THz Applications, Chapter 12, Ed. by Carlo Corsi and Fedir Sizov, Spinger, pp.229-237 (2014)

D.M. Vavriv, A.V. Somov, K. Schuenemann and V.A. Volkov

The clinotron is a vacuum tube that can effective operate in the THz frequency region. A series of clinotron based oscillators have been developed at the Institute of Radio Astronomy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In this review, the design and characteristics of these devices are presented. Prospects for the further improvement of clinotron oscillator characteristics are considered. As an example of the application of clinotron oscillators, a 300 GHz beam steering imaging system is presented. Potentialities of the clinotron based imaging systems are considered for future implementations in 3D THz scanners for security and other applications.