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Optical characterization of the aperiodic multilayered anisotropic structure based on Kolakoski sequence
SPIE Optics+Optoelectronics 2013. Integrated Optics: Physics and Simulations. Prague (Czech Republic), pp.2 (2013)

V.I. Fesenko and I.A. Sukhoivanov

The simulation results of the optical transmission/reflection spectra in aperiodic multilayered anisotropic photonic structures that are arranged according to the Kolakoski sequence are presented in this paper. Spectral properties of two types of Kolakoski (KL) structures in the near-infrared region between 800 nm and 3000 nm are calculated by using a theoretical model based on the method of the electromagnetic field?s scalarization and the finite difference technique. The influence of the media anisotropy on optical properties of the structure is studied. The correlation between the geometrical and spectral properties of a generalized Kolakoski multilayer structure is found out. As demonstrate our results, KL structures are found to have some peculiar spectral properties, notably rigorously defined band gap regions and lots of transmission peaks, which give an opportunity for a number of applications to be implemented on their basis. For instance that could be exploited in optical filters, laser systems, multi-frequency application and etc. Also Kolakoski multilayers are exhibiting various spectral properties that depend on the polarization of the incident electromagnetic plane wave, propagation direction of the electromagnetic wave, angle of wave incidence and chosen of the initial building ?block? of the sequence.