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Non-ideal cloaking based on Fabry-Perot resonances in single-layer high-index dielectric shells
Optics Express, Vol. 17, #19, pp.16869-1687 (2009)

A.E. Serebryannikov, P.V. Usik and E. Ozbay

Strong reduction of the scattering cross section is obtained for subwavelength dielectric and conducting cylinders without any magnetism for both TE and TM polarizations. The suggested approach is based on the use of Fabry-Perot type radial resonances, which can appear in single-layer, high-ε, isotropic, and homogeneous shells with the properly chosen parameters. Frequencies of the minima of the scattering cross section, which are associated with the cloaking, typically depend on whether TE or TM polarization is considered. In some cases, large-positive-ε and largenegative- ε objects can be cloaked. In other cases, non-ideal multifrequency cloaking can be realized.