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Electrically Switchable, Ka-band Slotted Waveguide Antenna Array System
Radiophysics and Electronics, Vol. 13, #3, pp.483-493 (2008)

S.S. Sekretarov, D.M. Vavriv, V.A. Volkov, M.P. Natarov and V.V. Glamazdin

An original electrically switchable, Ka-band slotted waveguide antenna array system has been recently developed, produced, and tested. The system consists of four identical sections, which are connected to a radar transmitter/receiver by means of a high-power, multipole P-i-N switch. The introduced P-i-N switch enables for a fast electrical scanning of the antenna beam what essentially extends possible areas of the antenna system application. The antenna system is used in a helicopter collision avoidance, surveillance, and weather radar. This paper describes design features of the antenna system, its main characteristics, results of its testing, and the antenna integration in the radar.