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Retrieving the median droplet diameter from Ka- and W-band dual-wavelength Doppler radar measurements
International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 28, #16, pp.3707-3712 (2007)

O.O. Bezvesilniy and D.M. Vavriv

In this letter, a novel method is proposed for estimating the median droplet diameter by using the Ka- and W-band dual-wavelength differences of the mean Doppler velocity and the Doppler spectrum width. The estimated median diameter together with the dual-wavelength ratio of the radar reflectivity can be effectively used to measure and compensate the attenuation in precipitation or clouds. The estimate of the median diameter is not affected by the attenuation and does not require an accurate radar calibration. Furthermore, the vertical air flows and the turbulent broadening of the Doppler spectra have no influence on the estimate.