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G.A. Gromov

Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, 4 Krasnoznamennaya St., Kharkov 61002 Ukraine

4 Publications

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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. D.M. Vavriv, G.A. Gromov and V.B. Ryabov: The interaction of chaotic and noise oscillations in quasilinear systems., Zh. Tekh. Fiz., Vol. 66, #11, pp.1-10 (1990) (in Russian)

2. D.M. Vavriv, N.I. Gavrilova and G.A. Gromov: Calculation of the line width for orotron oscillators, Radiotekhnika, Vol. 89, pp.98-103 (1989) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

3. D.M. Vavriv, G.A. Gromov and V.B. Ryabov: Effect of noise on the dynamics of a non-autonomous Duffing oscillator., Proc. of the 2nd All-union conference "Nonlinear oscillations of mechanical systems", USSR, Gorkiy, Vol. 1 (1990) (in Russian)

4. A.B. Belogortsev, D.M. Vavriv and G.A. Gromov: Competition of chaotic and noise oscillations in quasilinear systems., Proc. Conference "Methods of representation and processing of random signals and fields", USSR, Tuapse (1989) (in Russian)