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H. Lee

millisys, Inc, Oryong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-712, South Korea, Tel.: +82-62-9702387

3 Publications

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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. H. Lee, Y.-H. Kim, V.A. Volkov, R.V. Kozhin, D.M. Vavriv and T.S. Kim: 35 GHz compact radar using fan beam antenna array for obstacle detection, Electron. Lett., #1461, pp.43 (2007)

Presentations on International Meetings

2. V.A. Volkov, D.M. Vavriv, R.V. Kozhin, L.V. Shevtsova, Y.-H. Kim and H. Lee: A Ka-band, Magnetron Based, Scanning Radar for Airborne Applications, Proceedings of the 4th European Radar Conference, pp.186-189 (2007)

3. V.A. Volkov, D.M. Vavriv, R.V. Kozhin, D.I. Zaikin, Y.-H. Kim and H. Lee: A compact, Ka-band magnetron based T/R module, Proceedings of the 36th European Microwave Conference, pp.1818 (2006)