Ku-band Monopulse Slotted Waveguide Antenna

This antenna is intended for high-resolution tracking radar application. The antenna contains of about 1400 radiating slots, that form pencil beam in the broadside direction with low sidelobes. The antenna is designed to operate in wide frequency bandwidth above 5%. In order to retain advanced antenna characteristics within such frequency bandwidth, each quarter of the antenna has been devided into 13 subarrays. Compact and effecient feeding strucuture have been developed to distribute power between the subarrays.

Ku-band SWAFig. 1. Ku-band monopulse slotted waveguide antenna

Antenna Characteristics

Operating bandwidth, GHz 0.9 (in Ku-band)
Beam type pencil
3dB beam width (symmetrical), deg 1.7
Polarization Linear/Vertical
Cross-polarization level, dB <-30
Side lobes level, dB <-24 dB
Gain, dBi >38
VSWR <1.4
Diameter, mm 600
Height, mm 16
Weight, kg 10