Ku-band Circular Slotted Waveguide Antenna with Inclined Beam

A highly efficient, compact slotted waveguide antenna with circular aperture is designed for operation in Ku-band. In contrast to conventional solutions, the beam of this antenna is essentially inclined with respect to the antenna surface normal what has enabled to reduce dramatically the antenna radar visibility from the target direction. The antenna is also equipped with a low-profile waveguide comparator and provides monopulse operation in the azimuth-plane. The antenna is made of aluminium.

Ku-band Circular Waveguide Slot Antenna Fig. 1. Ku-band Circular Slotted Waveguide Antenna

Antenna Characteristics

Operating bandwidth, GHz 0.5 (in Ku-band)
Beam type pencil
3dB beam width, deg 5
Beam inclination (in E-plane), deg 15
Side lobes level, dB <-22
Null depth of difference pattern, dB <-30
Gain, dBi >31
Polarization Linear/Vertical
VSWR <1.2
Diameter, mm 265
Thickness, mm 10
Weight, kg 0.8