2 kV, Subnanosecond Pulse Generator

The generator is aimed to produce powerful subnanosecond pulses at 50 Ohm load. It can be used in particular as a transmitter in surface penetrating radars.

The generator benefits from the application of both a fast recovery pulse shaper and diodes in sharpening circuits operating in the avalanche mode. These advanced solutions has resulted in the most reliable generator with a high pulse and average power.

Pulse amplitude 2000V
Half-amplitude duration 0.7ns
Pulse recurrence frequency
  • with internal clocking
  • with outline clocking
  • 10kHz
  • 0-20kHz
Power supply 24V DC
Power consumption at PRF 10kHz 15W
Dimensions 17x16x5cm
Weight 1.5kg

2 kv, Subnanosecond Pulse Generator Fig. 1. Photo of the generator