118 - 178 GHz Synthesized Sweep Oscillator

The 118 - 178 GHz synthesized sweep oscillator, hereinafter, the oscillator, is intended for using as:

  • a source of continuous wave and square wave modulated oscillations with a high frequency stability
  • a sweep oscillator allowing for a linear frequency sweeping within the band of 118 - 178 GHz or any part of this band.

The oscillator is based on a BWO. It includes a system of the frequency stabilisation based on principles of frequency synthesising. The oscillator can operate under internal or external frequency control. It can produce modulated or continuous wave oscillations. Both synthesised and non-synthesised oscillation modes are available. In the synthesised (scan) mode, the output power level is hold constant with the accuracy of 0.5 dB through the whole frequency band. This level is equal to 30 mW for the full (100%) power mode. It can be decreased to 80%, 60%, 40%, or 20% of the maximum level by using the control options introduced. The sweep oscillator is controlled:

  • from the local touchscreen on the front panel of the device
  • from external keyboard
  • via RS232 interface
  • via GPIB interface


118 - 178 GHz synthesized sweep oscillator

The Oscilator Characteristics

Parameter Value
Frequency band, GHz 118 - 178
Frequency stability in the scan mode

(The scan mode is the mode with the frequency synthesis, whereas the sweep mode is without)

a) determined by an external reference frequency standardb) 10-8, as determined by internal reference
Frequency stability in the sweep mode 2*10-5
Minimum frequency resolution in the scan mode, kHz 1
Minimum output power, mW 30
Sweep time (without the frequency synthesis), msec 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000
Step duration in the scan mode from 10 msec to 10 sec with the step of 1 msec
Output power deviation in the sweep mode for the maximum output power in the full frequency range, dB 4
Output power deviation in the scan mode, dB 0.5
Internal modulation frequencies, kHz 1, 10, 100
External frequency modulation range, kHz from 0.01 to 100
External frequency control voltage range, V from 0 .. to 10
Input impedance of the external frequency control input, kOhm 100
Output synchronization pulse TTL levels, negative polarity, 0.5 msec duration
Output Waveguide UG-387/M
Maximum allowable VSWR in the load 1.6
Primary power supply 230 +/-10% V, 50 Hz
Power consumption (max), W 200
Operating temperature range, °C 0 - +40
Storage temperature, °C -10 - +60
Weight, kg 15
Dimensions Standard 19", 3U rack with 360 mm depth