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A Ka-band Solid-State Doppler Polarimetric Cloud Radar
2020 17th European Radar Conference (EuRAD), 10-15 January 2021, Utrecht, Netherlands, pp.65-68 (2021)

V.A. Volkov, D.M. Vavriv, V.A. Vinokurov, E.V. Bulakh, A.A. Kravtsov, V. Ksenofontov and I. Kulahin

A Ka-band Doppler polarimetric cloud radar outfitted with a 20 W GaN solid-state power amplifier is described. The radar has been developed on the basis of its magnetron-based predecessor to investigate the potential of applying solid-state transmitters in low-cost, compact millimeter wave cloud radars. The upgrade has been made through replacing a transmitter alone and adding some extra routines in the digital signal processor to implement the pulse compression technique. The radar sensitivity no worse than -28 dBZ at 5 km has been achieved as the first milestone. Essential design solutions of the radar are described, and test results are presented.