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Features of Weakly Nonlinear Interaction of Wave
Физические основы приборостроения, Vol. 8, #3, pp.84-96 (2019) (in Russian)

V.A. Buts, I.K. Kovalchuk and A.P. Tolstoluzhsky

Regular and stochastic dynamics of three wave interaction and dynamics of such three wave cascades were investigated. It was shown that matrix elements of interaction are inversely proportional to square of frequency of LF wave that taking part in the three wave interaction. It was shown that thresholds of appearance of regimes with dynamics chaos are proportional to cube of frequency of LF wave. For plasma it means that decays arise first of all with participation of low frequency wave which are formed by ion component of plasma. The cascades dynamics of interacting waves investigated by numerical methods in detail. Keywords: three wave decays, regular and stochastic dynamics, cascades of decays processes, matrix elements of nonlinear interaction, threshold of stochastic arising