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Surveillance Radar OKO: an Effective Instrument for Security Applications
2018 9th International Conference on Ultrawideband and Ultrashort Impulse Signals, Odessa, Ukraine, September 4-7, pp.63-68 (2018)

D.M. Vavriv, V.A. Volkov, V.V. Vinogradov, A.A. Kravtsov, E.V. Bulakh, S.V. Sosnytskiy, S.S. Sekretarov, O.G. Nechayev, V.N. Gikalov, K.V. Gordeev, O.M. Suvid, A.V. Kondrikov and A.B. Kluchko

We present a recently developed radar OKO, which is intended for all-weather, long-term operation under local or remote control. It can be used for various security applications, including perimeter protection, UAV detection and tracking. OKO is a Doppler radar with pulse compression and mechanically scanned antenna. An advanced clutter suppression, MTI, and CFAR algorithms are introduced in the system. The hardware and software solutions used in the radar are described along with the results of the radar field tests on the detection and tracking of ground and air objects.