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Integrated vs Separated Radomes for Slotted-Waveguide Antennas
IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and URSI CNC/USNC Joint Meeting (AP-S/URSI 2018), July 8-13, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts, USA, pp.511-512 (2018)

S.S. Sekretarov and D.M. Vavriv

The usage of radomes improves the resistance of slotted-waveguide antennas against complex environmental conditions and extends possible applications of the antennas. In the presentation, two approaches to the development of radomes for such antennas are considered. The first approach is based on the application of standard separated radomes of the sandwich type. The second, alternative, approach is relied on the usage of a dielectric layer integrated directly in the slotted waveguide. The corresponding designs and fabrication technologies of antennas with such radomes are discussed. The development of X-band panel antenna arrays with different radome realizations is presented to illustrate and compare the solutions