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Half-bare positron in the inner gap of a pulsar
Advances in Astronomy and Space Physics, Vol. 7, #1-2, pp.36-41 (2017)

S.V. Trofymenko and V.M. Kontorovich

In our previous paper (AASP, 7, # 1-2, 30-35) we proposed the explanation of mysterious changes of the pulsed radiation from the Crab Pulsar with the frequency applying the idea of the reflection of curvature radiation by returning relativistic positrons from the stellar surface. Presently we focus on the additional contribution of transition radiation, emitted when positron hits the surface. It is shown that due to the 'half-bare' state of positron in the polar gap the considered contribution is significantly suppressed comparing to the one of reflected curvature radiation. Keywords: neutron stars; pulsars: PSR B0531+21; radiation mechanisms: non-thermal