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Anomalous dispersion of polaritons in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice
16-th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory (MMET 2016), Lviv (Ukraine), pp.149-152 (2016)

I.V. Fedorin, V.I. Fesenko and V.R. Tuz

Dispersion properties of both bulk and surface polaritons at the interface between vacuum and ferritesemiconductor superlattice are studied. The superlattice is considered to be influenced by an external static magnetic field in the Voigt geometry. In order to derive tensors of effective relative permeability and effective relative permittivity of the structure under study the homogenization procedure from the effective medium theory is engaged. Peculiarities of polariton dispersion features at a particular extreme gyrotropic-nihility state are revealed and explained.