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Dispersion blue-shift in an aperiodic Bragg reflection waveguide
Optics Communications, Vol. 365, pp.225-230 (2016)

V.I. Fesenko and V.R. Tuz

A particular feature of an aperiodic design of cladding of Bragg reflection waveguides to demonstrate a dispersion blue-shift is elucidated. It is made on the basis of a comparative study of dispersion characteristics of both periodic and aperiodic configurations of Bragg mirrors in the waveguide system, wherein for the aperiodic configuration three procedures for layers alternating, namely Fibonacci, Thue?Morse and Kolakoski substitutional rules are considered. It was found out that, in a Bragg reflection waveguide with any considered aperiodic cladding, dispersion curves of guided modes appear to be shifted to shorter wavelengths compared to the periodic configuration regardless of the modes polarization.