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Broadband Low-Noise Receiver Front-End with Ultrawide Bandwidth
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications (MIKON 2014) (June 16-18, Gdansk, Poland), Vol. 2, pp.675-678 (2014)

V.A. Volkov, D.M. Vavriv, E.V. Bulakh and A.A. Kravtsov

In the paper, a broadband microwave receiver front-end covering the 0.5 to 19.5 GHz frequency band and providing a 1.1-GHz instantaneous bandwidth is described. The noise figure of the front-end is as low as 10 dB and the input third-order intercept point is up to 10 dBm as well. The front-end features a low spurious response and a low phase noise impressed. Essential design principles of the front-end are unveiled and discussed.