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Time-Effective and Accurate Synthesis of Large-Aperture Slotted Waveguide Antennas
Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation(EuCAP 2012), 26 - 30 March 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, pp.1036-1040 (2012)

S.S. Sekretarov, A.V. Somov and D.M. Vavriv

A time-effective and accurate approach to the synthesis of slotted-waveguide antennas (SWA) is proposed. The approach is based on a combined usage of a full-wave simulation and physical properties of SWA. The approach has been successfully applied to the development of a large-aperture Kaband antenna with a 1 meter aperture. This development is illustrated by the corresponding both simulation and experimental results.