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Simulation and Experimental Breadboarding of 35 Ghz Spatial Harmonic Magnetrons with Cold Cathode
Proceedings of the 20th Int. Crimean Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo’2010). 13-17 September, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine, pp.310-313 (2010)

V.D. Eremka, M.A. Kopot', O.P. Kulagin, A.S. Tishchenko, V.D. Naumenko, A.N. Suvorov and J.-I. Kim

An analytical estimation has been performed to determine the optimal parameters of pulsed magnetrons, operating at a spatial harmonic at a frequency of 35 GHz and an anode voltage of 6.5 kV in the drift-resonance mode, with the main cathode being the cold secondary-emission one. A 3D simulation experiment on a magnetron with the analytically determined characteristics has been conducted to check its adequacy in providing the required energy parameters. The breadboard magnetrons have the number of vane-type resonators in the anode unit N = 20 and N = 16 , respectively. The both magnetrons have generated the electromagnetic radiation in the Ka range with the magnetic field being slightly above 0.4 Т. It was proven that it is possible to create a full-functional Ka -range magnetron with a relatively low anode voltage and such parameters that enable its wide applicability.