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Spatial and spatial-frequency filtering using one-dimensional graded-index lattices with defects
Optics communications, Vol. 282, #23, pp.4490-4496 (2009)

P.V. Usik, A.E. Serebryannikov and E. Ozbay

The potential of one-dimensional, periodic, graded-index, isotropic dielectric lattices with defects in multiband spatial and spatial-frequency filtering is studied. It is shown that both narrow- and wide-bandpass filters can be obtained at a proper choice of the number, location, and parameters of the defects placed inside the relatively thin slabs. The peculiarities of achieving multibandness for narrow- and wide-bandpass filters are discussed. Multiband narrow-bandpass filtering is closely related to the transmission features that are associated with Fabry–Pérot resonators with semitransparent planar mirrors. Correspondingly, the observed transmission can be interpreted in terms of the equivalent parameters of such resonators. In particular, it is shown that the resonators filled with an ultralow-index medium can be mimicked, so that defect-mode angle-domain spectrum can be rarefied at large angles of incidence. The obtained results are also expected to be applicable for prediction of the angle-domain behavior of transmission in case of piecewise-homogeneous multilayers.