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Modeling and analisis of 100 kw coaxial microwave plasmatron design
Radiophysics and Electronics, Vol. 11, #1, pp.138-143 (2006) (in Russian)

S.S. Sekretarov

Using computer modeling, the influence of geometric dimensions on characteristics of wave field in microwave plasmatron has been investigated. The problem of matching of a coaxial plasmatron with large diameters and rectangular waveguide feeding has been studied. New types of coaxial-to-waveguide junctions which have sufficiently large transmission band and capable to operate with high power level have been proposed. It has been shown that the mode interference in the coaxial causes to inhomogeneous field structure in discharge chamber. The field pattern in coaxial waveguide with two propagating modes in plasmatron has been studied, and its effect on ignition of plasma has been discussed. Several types of optimal plasmatron constructions have been proposed, which are of interest of practical applications, including microwave-plasma burner for coal dust.