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Modulation Effects on Dynamic Spectra of Sporadic Jovian Decameter Emission
Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy , Vol. 11, #4, pp.325 (2006) (in Russian)

G.V. Litvinenko, A. Lecacheux, H.O. Rucker, A.A. Konovalenko, B.P. Ryabov, V.V. Vinogradov, V.E. Shaposhnikov and U. Taubenschuss

The variety of modulation structures in the Jovian decameter radio emission (DAM) has been investigated by experiments. The wide-band data taken for the present analysis have been obtained with the high-tech experimental equipment. Spectral features, modulation parameters and probability of occurrence on the dynamic spectra are analyzed versus time resolution achieved in the experiment, also versus vizualization scale. Main characteristics of the already known and freshly detected modulation events are investigated and verified. The new instrumentation, methodology and observation program are described in detail.