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V.G. Chumak

Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, 4 Krasnoznamennaya St., Kharkov 61002 Ukraine

10 Publications

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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. Ye.Ye. Lysenko, S.V. Pankov, O.F. Pishko, V.G. Chumak and S.A. Churilova: Problems and the Status of Engineering of CW Clinotrons for the Frequency Range from 400 GHz to 500 GHz, Electromagnetic waves and electronic systems, Vol. 15, #11, pp.61-69 (2010) (in Russian)

2. V.G. Chumak and S.V. Pankov: Expanding opportunities for continuous band of electrical frequency change in clinotron: experimental investigation , Radiophysics and electronics, Vol. 14, #1, pp.88-92 (2009) (in Russian)

3. Ye.Ye. Lysenko, O.F. Pishko, S.A. Churilova and V.G. Chumak: Submillimeter Wavelength Clinotrons: Experimental Investigation, Electromagnetic waves and electronic systems, Vol. 14, #2, pp.72-80 (2009) (in Russian)

4. O.F. Pishko, V.G. Chumak and S.A. Churilova: Electrodynamics of a power output unit in the clinotron, Radio physics and electronics 2007 (2007) (in Russian)

5. Ye.Ye. Lysenko, O.F. Pishko, V.G. Chumak and S.A. Churilova: State of development of continuosly acting clinotrons., Modern electronics Achievements. Foreign Electronics, #8, pp.3-13 (2004)

6. V.G. Chumak and S.A. Churilova: Electron gun for mm- and submm-wavelength clinotrons., Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy, Vol. 7, #2, pp.175-179 (2002) (in Russian)

7. Ye.Ye. Lysenko, O.F. Pishko, V.G. Chumak and S.A. Churilova: Q-factor of the resonant line of mm- and submm-wave clinotrons., Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy, Vol. 6, #4, pp.317-322 (2001) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

8. V.G. Chumak and S.V. Pankov: Possibility of broadening continuous electrical frequency tuning in mm-wavelength clinotron: experimental investigation, Proceedings of the 19th Int. Crimean Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo?2009). 14-18 September, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine, pp.171-172 (2009) (in Russian)

9. V.A. Volkov, D.M. Vavriv, V.G. Chumak, A. Belikov, S.V. Alekseenkov and R.V. Kozhin: Clinotron-based synthesized oscillators for THz-regions, MSMW’07 Symposium Proceedings. Kharkov, Ukraine, June 25-30, 2007, pp.189-191 (2007)

10. D.M. Vavriv, V.A. Volkov and V.G. Chumak: Clinotron Tubes: High-power THz Sources, Proceedings of the 37th European Microwave Conference, pp.826-829 (2007)