Ka-band Large-Aperture Slotted Waveguide Antenna

This antenna is intended for high-resolution radar application. The antenna contains of about 1500 radiating slots, which forms the fan-like radiation pattern in the broadside with low sidelobes. The antenna is produced from the aluminum alloy, thus it is lightweight (only 6.2 kg) and suitable for airborne applications.

Ka-band SWA-1

Ka-band SWA-2 Fig. 1. Large-aperture Ka-band slotted waveguide antenna

Antenna Characteristics

Operating bandwidth, GHz 0.2 (in Ka-band)
Beam type fan
3dB beam width (E-plane x H-plane), deg 10 x 0.5
Polarization Linear/Vertical
Cross-polarization level, dB <-30
Side lobes level, dB <-22 dB
Gain, dBi >36
VSWR <1.4
Dimensions (aperture), mm 1078 x 100
Height, mm 27
Weight, kg 6.2