V-band Horn with Flat-Topped Beam

Some applications requires an uniform illumination of a specified sector. This feature can be obtained by means of so-called flat-topped beam antenna. Such beam is radiated by horn with two flare sections. The horn produces flat-topped radiation pattern in wide operating frequency band of about 10 percents. Its polarisation is linear with low level of cross-polarization. The antenna is fabricated from aluminium.

V-band Horn Fig. 1. V-band horn

Antenna Characteristics

Operating bandwidth, GHz 5 (in V-band)
Beam type flat-topped
1dB beam width, deg 24
3dB beam width, deg 32
Polarization Linear/Vertical
Cross-polarization level, dB <-25
Side lobes level, dB <-18 dB
Gain, dBi >15
VSWR <1.2
Diameter, mm 47
Height, mm 40
Weight, kg 0.2